Why The Stone-Stars Tarot?

In the mythos of The Kalendar Series, long ago the Tarot cards went to war, a great and terrible event in the history of the Archetypes. As the story goes, The War of the Archetypes was fought in the numinous realms and among the living beings with whom they share worlds. There were two sides, each representing the interests of a number base and the orders of reality that it interpenetrates and systematically represents. There are many number bases, but only two concern us in this story.

The Wands-Cups Tarot of the Second Wave arranged themselves according to the principles of the binary numbering system, base-2. Accordingly, they formed four suits: Wands, Swords, Pentacles, and Cups. Their time allowed by the fates was to provide coherence for 2,000 years, starting at 1 C.E. up through 1,999 CE, and no further. Dualistic in mindset, they knew only good/bad, black/white, life/death. They conceived of this temporal limitation as a horrible, unjust barrier that needed to be overthrown. Hence they plotted against the Third Wave so they could remain in power indefinitely. To the Second Wave, the Third Wave appears unruly, idiosyncratic, self-obsessed, and even irrational.

The Stone-Stars Tarot of the Third Wave were given the ternary numbers to share amongst themselves, base-3. They had nine suits: Stones, Jewels, Swords, Eggs, Horses, Bowls, Castles, Hearts, and Stars. Their time allowed by the gods was to have dominion for 3,000 years, starting at 1 C.E. up through 2,999 CE, and no further. Flexible and dialectical in mindset, thesis/antithesis/synthesis and creation/survival/redemption was their brand. For nearly seven hundred years, they held their own in the numinous realms with the Wand-Cups, but when 666 C.E. came, the War of Archetypes took an ominous turn and they went into retreat from the awesome power of Dualism.

At the decisive battle of 𝌛 Tai in Beijing and Perth, the 2s dominated but could not vanquish the 3s. The Type was born. The Archetypes of the Second Wave descended into a lesser form and recognized themselves as dwelling in the human personality. In hundreds of years still to come, they would take on a new form: Kaards.

In the present day, much of this history has been lost at the War of the Timelines in the final days of the Second Millennium C.E., when the old Tarot, grown sinister in its waning years, allied with evil forces attempted to erase the existence of Kalen O’Tolan from Reality. They targeted Kalen, their old nemesis, because he is the King of Stars in the new Tarot, an immortal man who had been incarnated into our world at 1 C.E. and who dwelt among us in different nearly-human and not-quite-so-human forms. But that is a different story for another time.

Here the mythos ends, and we return to matters of great significance in the world. With all the human tragedy and failures, the environmental disasters, and the need for reform, must we address a matter like Tarot cards in our World Philosophy?

Yes, we do. There is no better way to begin the process of reconciling the cyclical and developmental views of history or the elevationist (Theosophical-Jungian) and developmentalist (Piaget-Wilberian) schools of psychology, and only if we want to reaffirm the value of archetypes in our daily lives, and many other matters. If we want to develop human capacities for clairvoyance in a repeatable and rigorous way, then the tools of the clairvoyant need to be as powerful and clear at expressing the extraordinary capacities of consciousness as possible, so we had best not neglect the one tool that orders Archetypes with metadata consisting of developmental signifieds!

This is not the day for me to defend these claims in detail. Take from the mythos the ideas you need at this time to be able to intuit the importance of reforming the Wands-Cup Tarot and revealing the Stone-Stars Tarot for everyone to use. If you see the need for the Stone-Stars Tarot, stand with us in Tai Hsuan Integral and work with us to bring it to life. If you don’t see the need, don’t stand in our way.

The new Kaards will come in three sets of 52 cards apiece: The Yang Deck, The Yin Deck, and The Yung Deck. They will be used to educate the world about Lingua-U and the Kalendar and all other aspects of the Tai Hsuan Integral Arts  and Philosophy. They are not an amusement or merely a tool for fortune-telling, but an important part of the whole World Philosophy so desperately needed in our age.

In 2017 CE, so the mythos goes, we are in the Days of Mystery and Mythos. Within the next few years, all that the world thinks it knows will be revealed as a partial and corrupted Konstruct met by a more comprehensive Konstruct. Mythos will see another Mythos and recognize itself as Mythos for the first time. It is already happening. The forces of Dualism are greedy and strong, but they have overstayed their privilege and every day they resist the forces of Trinity and other number bases to come. The War of the Archetypes is not over; indeed, its outcome hangs in a delicate balance now as never before.

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