What Is The Positive Role Of The Establishment?

If you are reading this, you probably think that you have grown beyond the limits of the cultural middle-ground. Perhaps you even pride yourself on being “anti-establishment”. On the other hand, perhaps you find yourself excluded from a culture which shows you riches and rewards that you believe it deprives from people like you. You aspire to realize more, achieve higher goals, and “fit in” and be recognized by those you admire.

And of course, cultural middle-grounds vary from one culture to another. We are talking about cultural middle-grounds in general, especially in contemporary societies that are not still struggling with survival needs.

Regardless of your relationship to the middle-ground, we must tell you something about it that is difficult to express in ordinary language. It is a low middle for some, and a high middle for others. It is the lowest common denominator that some have surpassed; it is an evolutionary station that others must ascend to. Its values are too backwards for some, but too forward-looking for others.

We do not mean to either laud or criticize the middle-ground per se because in every healthy society there will always be a middle-ground. There will always be norms and people who are normal or strive to be more so.

What role does the middle-ground serve? It gives us our Commons for Commerce and Cooperation. It instructs us to Conserve and Cultivate our important Traditions. It helps us to Collect what needs to be Kept and allows the Individual to Contribute to the Culture. It is the place where We enact universal values which may be found in The Koran at the Seat of Profundity in the Collective Subjective dimensions of our world’s Container, or where the Customs of Confucius provide access to wisdom and a unified Center.

In Lingua-U, the most central symbol is Ki, spelled with all Yin subtle energy: 𝌮. Knowing this is the Key to Conduct.

All the words we have spelt with capital letters are bonded to a common Basis and Foundation and Direction and Suchness. because they are united to at least four demarcations of subtle energy. We are talking about words like Keeping, Common, Commerce, Cooperation, Conservation, Customs, Collection, Culture, Collective, Contain, Koran, and Confucius. They all point to the Yin dimension of Reality, that way in which the human civilization responds to the Absolute Spirit. In other words, human society mirrors the Divine Realm, and that is why it is a holy place.

A society does not become Divinized if it takes its culture too seriously, as something fixed for all time. And rebels to the social order, which they malign as the wicked status quo, cannot be agents of Divinization if they do not value the Center which ultimately must be renewed and enlivened, made more just and humane, not torn apart through anarchy or disturbance.

Don’t want to be normal, don’t want to be anti-normal. Those are old ways of thinking that we are actually in the midst of outgrowing.

Whether you find that the middle-ground is too restrictive or too wobbly, make the Center the best it can be, full of Consciousness where before there was only Concern, Christ-like behavior where before there was mere Coping, and Clarity where before there was Coacervo (the Italian word for jumble or medley).

Do this by receiving the world as if you were pure Yin to the Yang of Active-Emptiness, and then go about the work of Yung in which you discover the joy of a more Yahweh-filled life.

Consider reading this post again after you have started your training in Lingua-U. It will make more sense to you then.

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