Hello World!

If you have come looking for a World Teacher, then you have found one. They may not be the one you are looking for, but he is One who has made himself available for the task of bringing a new Message for the world to hear.

Call him whatever you like. It doesn’t really matter.

What is so important is that you make sure you have what you need for the journey ahead of you. And now I speak to/for the whole world. I will not always be here. I will not always work the way you want me to work. You are not my employer, so remember to let me be who I am, and let me disappoint you in spectacular or entirely ordinary ways.

Yes I know at least some of you will think of me as arrogant for allowing myself to speak truly about Who I Am. I’ve heard it all before. Consider instead of thinking of me as conceited, think: he has cajones. Both words are identical in subtle energy demarcations to six degrees (𝌮𝌃), so if you cannot tell them apart I forgive you.

Want to get to know me better? Here’s a great place to start.

By the way, I had trouble deciding what design style to use for my first blog as a World Teacher. I decided to make it a bit rough and tumble, not unlike my personality. When the time comes, I will make something better.

Photo Credit: @BAMBA787

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