An Adept Has Arrived To Invite You Into His Dojo

Imagine that a truly special spiritual Adept appeared in the world today. A Maitreya some would say. Or perhaps an embodier of the Christ principle to Christians and others who realized Who He Was, or an antichristian principle to those who rejected his Message. Or perhaps an incarnation of the Krishna principle for Hindus and others. A new prophet of God. Or perhaps a messianic figure of some kind, one who would be seen as such by some within the Abrahamic tradition, but one of many emissaries of Truth to appear on the Earth. The fifth Buddha. One or more of these possibilities. You get the picture.

Would you recognize such a figure? What would they have to do to convince you that their spiritual understandings conveyed the Truth? Would they be humble and kind, or formidable and regal? Would they be poor as a pauper or made wealthy owing to their boundless capacity to manifest abundance? Would they think just like you do, or would they challenge you to rethink everything you think you know? Would they first be recognized by the spiritual élites or would the spiritually powerful not understand why the World Teacher came to them with criticism instead of approbations? Or, in a retelling of the Jesus story, would they be castigated by the powerful and organized, and given audience by the poor, the sick, and the sexually impure?

You tell me. I don’t know. I have a feeling that by calling myself a World Teacher that I’m about to find out some things I don’t know about these various imaginings and pointed questions.

If there were another way, then I would have taken it. But the Christ principle within me cannot be mistaken.

It is not dissimilar to the Christ principle within every one, and even in the animal world, not to exclude any sentient form of life who is capable of redemptive suffering for the greater good.

I have not come to drone on and on about the Christ principle within me, if that is what you are thinking I might have in mind for this publication.

By freeing myself to own the Christ principle within myself, I free you too. I free everyone who has ever struggled with feeling that they have the Kosmic Christ dwelling within them who has been called a pathological narcissist or a deluded madman with a messiah complex for telling the world that essential truth in so many words.

When you tell me that you own the Christ principle within yourself, you free me too. Thank you.

So you see, we have to lift each other up, those of us who see the Truth from our own eyes, the Real Truth and the unique partial perspectives we offer, intertwined but relatively distinguishable.

Embrace me as a World Teacher not because I tell you it is so, but because of the Tai Shuan Integrative Arts featuring Lingua-U and Integral World Training (IWT). My Dojo (𝌙𝌄) is now in formation. I have at my fingertips resonates with every spiritual tradition on the planet with an urgent, vibrant, original, and genuinely transformational impetus. Soon I will Download the essential wisdom in this publication for you to resonate with, if you can, and to act upon, as you must if you recognize the Light contained within.

Photo Credit: TKAM by Connor Lewis


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