The Kalendar: A New Medicine Wheel

There’s a new spiritual technology coming which can help individuals and communities to tap into the power of Nature and Sacred Time. It is influenced by some indigenous and aboriginal cultural beliefs as well as the mystical vision of Sun Bear (author of the classic book “The Medicine Wheel”), but it goes to an even deeper, more intricate place to access power available through a universal sacred language and a synthesis of the philosophical ideas of ancient Daoism and Confucianism.

The new Medicine Wheel does not rely on any one tribe’s sacred stories and medicine, or even on the culture of a large group of geographically proximate tribes, but on the collective wisdom of humanity. It incorporates wisdom from nature-based religions (animism), tradition-based religions (Chinese religions and Abrahamic faiths), and contemporary philosophies (developmental psychology and interdisciplinary meta-theory).

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Here’s just a sample:

  • The Nine Square Kalendar — Discover poetry and images to help you explore the subtle patterns of change described by a six-line hexagram given for every half-day of the year. Each hexagram is also linked to a Kosmic Coordinate which matches a Stage, Type, Quadrant, and Zone from contemporary Integral Theory.
  • The New Zodiac — Discover 54 new animal totems, along with their unique mythic stories as each animal rose to prominence in the the Great War of the Zodiacs. Plants and minerals are also recognized throughout the year.
  • The Lingua-U — Discover 729 sacred mantras for use with breathwork and private or group meditations to help experience the sacred sounds. These are universal phonetic symbols giving rise to the beauty and sacredness of the most important symbols of 7,000 languages, including Native and Aboriginal languages.

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