The Wily Magician’s Best Secrets, Part 3

lol-dictionary-300x199Rule #3: The realm of language and symbol exists in a constant state of evolution, and we are active participants in a collective drama, the wily Magicians most of all. Use language responsibly.

Every word you say or write, every thought you co-create with unconscious processes in the individual and collective unconscious, every time you use a symbol to represent anything at all, you are co-creating. You are creating a beautiful Mandala in which all things are related. This is the awesome and awful truth. If you are like most people, you are oblivious to this unconscious drama. But if you are a wily Magician, then you can’t help but be drawn into this marvelous feature of life. It carries the potentiality to create and desecrate, destroy and delight, amaze and amyster. (The word “amyster” is a neologism that just created itself. It is supposed to mean “to make mystery”, but what it really means is a matter of how it is taken up in processes outside of my control.)

The wily Magician has many choices for using language, evolving it. I urge responsibility and vision and a willingness to submit to widespread cosmological forces working themselves out through linguistic evolution. Do not approach linguistic evolution like a child, babbling nonsense; nor like a teenager, neologizing like a cracked up rapper; nor like a typical adult, developing new words as tools to be used for utilitarian purposes; nor like a more mature adult, seeking novelty mainly in the depths of one’s unique experiences. Linguistic evolution occurs on many developmental levels and stations of life; be aware of your own purpose and nurture awareness and tolerance of many different forms of linguistic evolution. But none of the motives that I have mentioned are enough for the wily Magician. I urge linguistic evolution in the spirit of joining an amazing cosmic dance, recognizing your own special coordinate in a massive unfolding Mandala in which language has taken a great leap forward in its capabilities. I urge attuning yourself to the possibilities for linguistic novelty only available by learning a meta-language which unfolds the symbols of all the Sacred Word traditions in existence.

That is the breathtaking leap I have been hinting at! Do you see it? There is a meta-language available right now which stands as a prototype for arranging all the Sacred Word traditions known in 7,000 multifarious languages. The most essential vowel and consonant sounds are all there (there are a few less common sounds that aren’t depicted by the set of 40 letters, but some loss of variation is inevitable in a project of this sort). By attuning yourself to this meta-language, you can access the creative “spirits” that have been described by the yogis and esoterics and spiritualists for thousands of years, in a manner of speaking. You can make your acts of linguistic evolution powerful not merely because your creativity drudges up personal shadow material or egoistic knowledge, but because you have tapped into the Great Tradition of language mystics throughout all of human history.

(Maybe Lingua-U isn’t perfect. But it’s Version 1.0 of a new kind of language. Give it some time to grow and room to spread out and emerge with all the beautiful bluster it can muster. Lingua-U puts you at the Heart of the Living Logos. You can try accessing the Living Logos merely through one language, with its partly arcane and partly obsolete symbolism — all individual languages are in a state of decline — but you will lose sight of the way that Spirit has revealed itself throughout world history in a multitude of linguistic forms and expressions.)

Meta-language is the wily Magician’s most adroit friend and foe in climbing the stepladder of consciousness, one step at a time, enveloping all that is within Space, Time, and Thought. We have published “Lingua-U Codex: Excerpt A” and now there is a guide, a sort of Beginner’s Manual for accessing the Konstruct of Integral Magick, specifically Lingua-U and the Kalendar. Through a regular practice of breath and body-movement and subtle energy manipulation, it ought to be possible for any serious student of Integral Magick to figure their way to understanding their life, their world, their future, and the world’s future. This may seem like an overstatement, but on a subject of this incredible importance it is best to be up front about this technology’s potential.

(As an aside, the Codex not only describes past stages of development; through an iterative view of the fundamental features of each stage it allows us to begin to project forward to anticipate the highest possible stages of consciousness for human potential and destiny. In this sense, the Codex is an Oracular Text of a very peculiar sort: it is an Oracle which hopes to provide wisdom useful for making the route easier for human beings to climb to their highest potentials, depicted as Person-Perspectives. Stages of Consciousness. Levels of Maturity. For its functionality as an Oracular Text, the Codex depends on a precise numerology and geomancy, alignments of the features of thought with precision. But this is a topic for another day.)

Don’t worry today how to complete the project of learning a meta-language. Just think about how to begin. You have Excerpt A of the Codex. Go to town with it. Ask questions. Intuit the answers by yourself or with aid. Every time you create a new linguistic expression, coin a word or phrase, examine the Codex so you can understand what is emerging from within you: Yang, You, and Yin energetic forces more subtle than alphabetic letters. Learn if you are making language more Yin (or allowing Yin to express itself through you); or if you are making language more Yang (or becoming a pawn for Yang force); explore whether there are more Unitive possibilities than you have imagined previously.

The key is to recognize yourself as a vessel for linguistic evolution that is Kosmic in scale. It’s the shift in perspective to this scale that is key for integral magick. Don’t settle for merely pre-personal, personal, or even trans-personal forms of language generativity when you can go Kosmic, a truly massive up-leveling of your consciousness. Let every syllable — indeed, every phonetic feature — you utter be enhanced by awareness of its place on the Mandala of Everything. I promise after a while you won’t even have to try to evolve language consciously; Language will evolve You.

And remember: always use Lingua-U responsibility.



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