Soulfully Gay (Movie Screenplay), Scenes 2 – 4

moseslakeFollowing the opening scene to the movie script adaptation of Soulfully Gay

Scene 2. Moses Lake, Washington. 1987 

Super In/Out: “9 Years Later”

In the Columbia Basin region, a small farming community rises out of the semi-desert region, mass-produced structures amid tumbleweed-tossed empty fields. At the gymnasium building of Big Bend Community College, a parking lots full of cars.

Bobby, now a man in his mid-20s, walks through the parking lot, smoking. He is bearded and a bit frantic with energy.

Voice Over (Joe Perez): “My older brother left home while I was still a young teenager, and he went his own way in the world, finding his way to big cities. I saw him though on special occasions.”

Bobby puts out his cigarette and opens the door to the gymnasium; he enters a high school graduation ceremony in progress. He stands amid onlookers and stragglers to a ceremony-in-progress. The high school principal intones a list of award-winners.

Principal: “Joseph Perez, would you please stand? Washington Governor’s Award. Rainier Bank Scholar. Washington State University English Scholarship Award. Amherst College Scholarship. Brown University Scholarship. Harvard University Scholarship. Stanford University Scholarship. Yale University Scholarship. National Merit Scholar Finalist. National Hispanic Merit Scholar.”

A standing ovation, beginning with Joe’s high school colleagues and continuing with the onlookers.

Joe looks around awkwardly and deeply humbled. He waves to his family. He catches sight of Bobby and smiles.

Scene 3. Sea-Tac Airport. Later That Year.

Joe stands with his Mother and Sister at the airport terminal, waiting to board a plane to Boston.

Joe Perez: “It doesn’t make sense. Bobby should be here. He can’t just fall off the face of the Earth. Someone must know something.”

Mother: “We’ll keep trying to find him.”

Sister: “I know he wanted to see you off.”

Joe Perez: “Okay, keep trying.”

Sister: “This is your time to shine. You show Harvard what you’re made of.”

Joe Perez: “I will.”

Mother: “I’m praying for you.”

Joe: “I’ll pray for you too.”

They embrace in a three-way hug.

Scene 4. In the Air.

Airplane heads East.

Cut To: Soulfully Gay Book Reading, 2007.

An image of the future appears, hovering in the sky.

Joe Perez (Age 37) reads at a bookstore from his book, Soulfully Gay: “For a year my family lied to me about Bobby, and he lied too. They were keeping a secret from me, but it couldn’t be held in forever.”

Close To: The Book’s Cover: A Rainbow-Colored Cross.

Dissolve To: Airplane heading West.

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