Introducing Phonosemantic Meditation (PM)

You are invited to follow a new series of Facebook status updates at Joe Perez – Author which introduce the practice of Phonosemantic Meditations. These are simple sacred utterances or mantras which have the ability to re-orient one’s relationship to language — and foster the emergence of a trans-linguistic awareness — over time through repetition.

The practice builds day by day by linking the phoneme meaning — say, /kɛ/, for the start of the word Care — with the energetic posture by mindfully recognizing the Lingua-U equivalent hexagram, ╎╎╎╎│┆, in your speech kinesthetics and by expressing the subtle energy in your body’s posture.

Each day has both a morning and evening practice. There are 729 distinct meditations over the course of the calendar year, two per day. In a year’s time, as the stations of the Kalendar are traversed, the entire Lingua-U alphabet is enfolded into your awareness through this simple daily meditative practice. In this way, your awareness of the subtle connections between speech, body, and the natural world coalesce in a new harmony.

Phonosemantic Meditations are a core daily practice necessary for the study of Integral Magick. If you are at all curious about developing tearing down the body/mind barriers created by a lack of a more comprehensive language awareness, or if you want to up-level your subtle energy work, “like” and share these posts, and begin to use Lingua-U’s meta-map of a Universal Language of Energy to enhance your spiritual development.

While mantras have been around for 1000s of years, there’s never been a fairly comprehensive set of them suitable for meditative practice and inquiry until now. That’s the point of up-leveling your existing mantra practice, if you have one, with Phonosemantic Meditations (PMs).

There are 729 different hexagrams which depict mantras for reciting, two per day for an entire solar year. A simple way to get started with PMs is to recite the vowel sound expressed in the first two symbols of the day’s hexagram. Today it is ╎╎, which is the schwa vowel or “ə” sound as in “custom”. Add this vowel to your sitting meditation or yoga practice in an unobtrusive way. Change the vowel every 40 days with the start of each new month of the Kalendar.

In this way, you can begin to know the inner nature of nine common vowel sounds, the nine Secondary Vowels of ‪#‎LinguaU‬. As you are ready to deepen your practice, you can learn to express the consonants like ╎╎╎for K or combine them into consonant-vowel expressions like ╎╎╎╎╎ for /kə/ or ╎╎╎╎╎ for vowel-consonant expressions like /ək/.