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At long last, release the Kraken!

The Wheel of Existence turns at the Common Era’s most extraordinary time imaginable. After billions of years of evolution, a Rounder has been born at Zero who returns from Beyond to dwell amongst the mortals.

He is Kalen O’Tolan. His young appearance belies the secret of his immortality, an Aeon-spanning Kalendar to which his life and times are aligned. As the world of the Iron Age advances to heighted culture and civilization, he ages slowly in his boyhood. Kalen is aided by parents of mysterious ancestry, his loyal brother and tenacious sisters, the Wizard Aupaiaaqua, and other extraordinary beings.

The old world of Magic is dying, and every magical Power is set for turmoil. Corrupted and evil, Aries-Pisces leads the fight to destroy the Rounder and seize the Artifacts of Orr which the boy Kalen is charged to find and protect. Kalen must obtain the Black Stone and win the trust of the Great Bear who will lead the forces of Animwaa in the War of the Zodiacs.

Miraculously, the future of humankind depends on the outcome of the hero’s quest. A terrifying calamity called the Nadir approaches the world in 2,111 C.E. Kalen must find a way to communicate with someone alive in the present day who can alert humankind to the approaching threat in order to take corrective action before it’s too late.

The fate of Existence itself depends on Kalen’s ability to influence the development of Lingua-U, a new Universal Meta-Language, in our time. The Black Stone comprises two distinct works: “The Omphalos of Delphi,” a fantasy novel, and “The Surrender of Symbiosis,” an epic-length philosophical poem. Both books are joined under one cover and offer interwoven explorations of human meaning-making at the foundations of consciousness.

The Black Stone is the first in a series of nine genre-disrupting works offering a mix of fiction, poetry, art, and philosophy. Together they will make up The Kalendar Series, an epic volume which tells a single story spanning the entire globe of the Earth beginning more than 2,000 years in our past and ending nearly 1,000 years in our future. This is a work that testifies to the emerging human capacity to create languages, tell stories, paint pictures, sing songs, and predict the future from an integrated sense of a unique identity as participants and co-creators in the evolution of Kosmos.

“A sort of Lord of the Rings meets Integral Spirituality meets The Canon of Supreme Mystery (among others). If you enjoy — and are ready for — sprawling epics built with spiritually integrated circuitry, The Black Stone is for you — brilliant, compelling, original, beautiful.” – Ken Wilber, The Integral Vision.



New Zodiac Sign No. 6: The Vulture

The sixth Animwaa of the Bear-Yak Zodiac is the Great Vulture, Vija, Social Purifier, and Most Just of the Fierce Friends.

6. The Vulture


Army: The Fierce Friends

Role: Social Purifier

Constellation: V

Enneagram: No. 1, The Perfect Foe

Kalendar: ││┆╎, ││┆┆

Old Zodiac: Aquarius 5° – Aquarius 11°

Dates: Jan. 25 AM – Jan. 31 AM

Complement: Chicken


The Great Vulture is one of the most extraordinary heroes in the story of Kalen’s childhood. Vija, the Great Vulture, found a Vultur Gryphus, a Great Condor of the South, and persuaded him to travel far from his Andean home. Together with the Great Vulture, Almity the Giant Condor crossed thousands of miles and braved many obstacles on route to the Castle of Wands which held Kalen captive, until at last the opportunity came for him to perform a great deed at the boy’s hour of deepest need. The Great Vulture herself watched Almity’s extraordinary rescue unfold from a perch on a tree at the Castle’s base. Vija was prepared to do many things to rescue Kalen, for she had never before been so outraged by injustice than she was upon hearing of the boy’s sad tale from Beionai, the Great Bear.

Kalen taught the Great Vulture many things about the bird’s spiritual significance. Vultures are patient beings who deliberate reflectively. They take time before making decisions and choose paths based on keen insights. Often they see and make use of what others overlook, refuse, or discard. They see many alternative possibilities and use all of their senses in navigating through difficulties. Vultures can be fiercely protective.

vulture1Vija was called the “Social Purifier” because of her ability to address injustice, advocate for the disadvantaged, and cleanse impurities in difficult situations. The Great Vulture not only played a central role in Kalen’s rescue from the Castle of Wands, she also played an enormous role in the overthrow of Aquarius, the Water Bearer (or Water Hoarder, as he came to be called). Aquarius saw himself as being concerned with humanitarianism and creating a more just social order, but Vija uniquely saw how Aquarius fell short. He believed he was doing good deeds, but he was actually merely justifying his own wealth, privilege, and power. Vija saw everything Aquarius abandoned, oppressed, or marginalized. And Vija set in motion the collaborative effort which would undo the Water Hoarder and inaugurate the rise of the New Zodiac.

Linked to the last five degrees of the first decan of Aquarius and the first degree of the second decan, Vija shared two character traits with the Water Hoarder: social conscientiousness and introspection. Intelligent and just, observant and transformational. The Great Vulture was a match, trait for trait, with Aquarius, and she was there when the time came for the Water Hoarder’s fate to be sealed.