Behold, New Heavens and New Earth!

Imagine That Integral Magic Inaugurates a New Heavens and New Earth

According to the Book of Revelation, a sign of the end of days comes when a New Heaven and a New Earth have been glimpsed. I can’t tell you exactly what John intended to say, and I don’t mean to detract from any orthodox interpretations. However, I can say honestly that if you study the Integral Magic™ system you will arrive at a point where the old world will pass away and you will find yourself inhabiting a wonderous new abode.

  • In 5 years … As new vocabulary emerges from the Lingua-U speaker community, your senses will expand: sight, hearing, smell. You will gain new senses you didn’t know you had, mimicking the natural sensory capabilities of diverse trees, plants, and animals.
  • In 10 years … As your sense of direction becomes more powerful as a renowned hunter in an ancient Aboriginal tribe and as globally attuned as some GPS software, you will feel your humanity as a citizen of the globe. Your every footfall will fall as a pounding of Yang on Yin to the emergence of a new You. All this is a fruit of embodying the New Atlas.
  • In 15 years … You will organize your routines to maximize the harmony of your brain rhythms and personal energy with the New Klock and prioritize your day with spontaneity informed by a gorgeous inflow of energies from myriad creatures of the New Zodiac and archetypes of the New Tarot. Every moment is an enactment of a Kosmic dance-drama filled with enchantment, excitement, and grace.
  • In 20 years … You will teach others the Integral Magic system for Divinizing the world, bringing about a taste of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, revealing the Old Mysteries and inaugurating the New Mysteries. You will be a Magician, Crone, or Sorcerer, or a Teacher of Wizards.

Does this sound like the old Integral Theory of 1995, 2006, or 2010? It isn’t. It’s a next generation of Integral Theory in which the theory is complemented with a set of techno-magical interfaces built on a bedrock of the New Magick. It’s a glimpse at what could be …. if people like you embrace your fullest humanity and divinity and step into a river as ancient and beautiful as Time itself, glimpsed poetically and dramatically and scientifically as possible. Read The Kalendar Series. Read The Integral Cauldron. Step into the student community for Integral Magic when the time is right for you.

These are the nine most significant techno-magical interfaces anticipated for explication within the first decade of the launch of Integral Magic:


Features the Bear-Yak Zodiac with 54 new astrological signs arrayed in 27 new houses, interwoven with the Ennegram wisdom. Foundation of the praxis of the World Shaman.


The Stone-Star Tarot features 156 cards in three sets: the Yang Deck, the Yin Deck, and the You Deck. Offers a comprehensive new Map of the Archetypes.


A new arrangement for celestial territories and divine realms in which spirits and divinities dwell. Includes 9 Elements in an Enneagram-based Kosmic Mandala.


The Atlas of Uvoha correlates the Earth’s latitudes and longitudes to the New Kosmology and all other features of the Integral Magic system including the Quadrants and Zones of Integral Theory.


The Kaja, a.k.a. New Klock, correlates the time of day to all other aspects of the Integral Magic system including the concept of States of Consciousness in Integral Theory.


Kuzadi, a.k.a. New Kalendar, divides the solar year into 9 months of 40 or 41 days each. It correlates to the concept of Stages of Consciousness in Integral Theory.


The first step toward a Univeral Language of Subtle Energy, Lingua-U Prototype 1.0 focuses on a new alphabet based on the IPA standard, its phonosemantics, and a New Numerology.


All the components of Integral Magic are envisioned as fully embodied in a divinized world, correlated to home positions in 12 Stations of Consciousness described in Integral Theory.


A set of concepts and embodied practices of Yin, Yang, and You are described in a Map of Subtleties. Offers a new approach to both divination and martial arts through Tai Hsuan for body-mind integration.

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