Dream of the fallen war hero

fallen-war-heroesIn a dream this morning, a great Church is in need of a new leader. The difficulty is that they need not one person, but two, a team. So they go on a search for war heroes.

If the executive search team has turned up any candidates, it’s a secret. Prospective candidates are expected to hit the road and journey to the place of appointment.

There is one war hero who lives in a town near mine, but he fell in battle and has never been the same since. Dispirited, he has not even heard the news that there is a search going on.

I have heard the news and think he would be an ideal candidate, so I plan a trip to visit him. He lives not far away. I bring a copy of his book to sign, since he wrote a famous book telling of exploits in battle.

Before I get to the book signing, I fall into an inexplicable sleep. I am resting in bed at my mother’s house.

My spirit goes to visit the war hero where he is and tells him about the executive search. He realizes that he’s a good choice, but he is worried because he doesn’t have any friends in the area.

At this time, his fans at the book signing come forward and many reccognize me. They tell us that I am very famous: I just completed a tour of duty in which I vanquished a powerful foe and saved the Church.

As they tell me, I begin to remember the battle. It was as they said. I returned with much valor and renown.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” asked the fallen war hero.

“I don’t know. I guess it was because I was drafted and I put the uniform on, did my service, and then took it off and never looked back.”

“That’s not the whole truth,” he said.

Memories of being tortured flash in my mind and in his. He was flogged. I was starved. There’s more, but that’s all I remember. He feels what I feel, and I feel what he feels. He saw in his mind what I saw in mine, and vice versa.

“I will go with you on the road,” he says.

“But first I have to take you home to meet Mom,” I say. At this point, I realize I’m still in my spirit, and need to retrieve my body before the journey can begin.

That’s when I wake up.