ISE Morning Session, Day 2: Dr. Warren Farrell

Note: the following “liveblogging” post reflects my notes and impressions, and is not intended to be a transcript.

8:59 AM — Moments from now, the official program for Day 2 of the Integral Spiritual Experience event begins. Dr. Warren Farrell, the award-winning and best-selling author with a great beard will be joining us. The opening bell is rung…

9:02 AM — Linda Groves-Bonder leads us in an opening vocal contemplation exercise…

9:05 AM — Marc Gafni introduces Dr. Farrell by telling his story of his involvement in the women’s liberation movement, the NOW organization, and his efforts to open up a new area of discourse around the men’s liberation movement.


Warren walks out on stage. Holy smokes… where’s the HELL is the beard? I am seated at the back of the room (maybe I can’t see it). Okay, I’m calming down now. The goatee… not so sure about it, but moving on.

9:09 AM — “Every society that has survived has survived became healthy by preparing its boys for death in battle.” What a powerful way to get going. “We’ll see today why men in industrialized nations are about half a century behind where women were, how that happened, and what must change. We are making a transition not from a women’s movement, not a men’s movement, but a gender transition movement. In the context of love, we are looking at how to make the transition from role mate to soul mate.” Continue reading “ISE Morning Session, Day 2: Dr. Warren Farrell”