You’re different and that’s super!

Now there’s a happy, pluralistic little title for a children’s book by Carson Kressley of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy fame.

It’s a story of a sassy little unicorn pony who is raised by horses… searching for his value and identity.

I can picture an rationalist version of this title: Exploit Your Individuality for Personal Success!

And then there’s the traditionalist version of this title: Get Super by Fitting In!

How about a hedonistic version? I Want What I Want, I Want it Now, and That’s Super!

There’s a tribalistic version, too. We’re Super… Whack Them, Because They’re Not Us, and They’re Not Super!

What would a integral version of this book title be? Hmmm… how about… You’re Different and That’s BOTH Super AND Wonderfully Ordinary At the Same Time! or We’re All Different AND We’re All Super!

It is SUPER to be a unicorn among ponies, isn’t it, y’all? 🙂

Very cute!