Andrew Sullivan on cultural anxiety and the right to evolve


Andrew Sullivan on cultural anxiety:

What few on the left seem to see is that cultural anxiety, given the ethnic and cultural transformation of the last few decades, is an entirely predictable and entirely understandable response. If people felt that someone in charge actually saw their point of view, sympathized with it, and attempted even minor changes to accommodate it, we would have a different politics. But all they had was Trump. And all they still have is Trump.”

from “Will There Always Be an England?”

But that’s not the winning quote from his column, The Daily Intelligencer. I think it’s this:

We all have a right to evolve and mature and deepen our understanding of the world.

Whether he’s bemoaning the stupidity of Brexit while acknowledging the perspective of the people who voted for it or criticizing both Joy Reid and those who have taken to Twitter to ostracize her for alleged homophobic past remarks, he finds a ground that seems to be not only in the center but actually a higher center — and that’s as good an image of Integral politics as I’ve been able to find among mainstream pundits.

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