Joe Perez’s Online Ministry

Welcome to My Online Integral Ministry

I am pleased to announce that my transition from angry blogger, strident culture critic, and outraged social media standout to serene and benevolent Integral Minister is complete at last. My days of writing from an abstract position as a force of disembodied intelligence, condescendingly enfolding and aggressively transcending my intellectual foes, have come to an end. Alas, may they rest in peace!

Don’t be too skeptical, please. Ha ha, I don’t claim a total overnight transformation. I’ve always striven to show a warm heart and light touch with my spirit-warrior volleys, and I will continue to do so with heightened vigor. I will never give up offering visions and perspectives to illuminate where I see darkness, and sprinkle a few dollops of shiny words, if it feels like the best response.

But as an Integral Minister, my role is changed. I am still a writer of an online publication. I haven’t erased any of my posts from this year. But ministerial duties are different from the restriction-free world of the blogger’s soapbox. I have to care about much wider concerns than being right, spreading correct views, and winning online arguments. I have to communicate more than my own personal views, for I am walking in synchronization with the overall ethos of an organization of integralists. Nowadays, I need to write with one ultimate purpose in mind: to edify other people in integral ways (body, mind, soul, and spirit), to the exclusion of none, as best I know how.

The Integral Meusio

Since there was no extant church, synagogue, temple, or mosque with which I could fully and unequivally affiilate, I spearheaded the creation of The Integral Meusio. The Meusio is an independent religious body emerging from roots in old Catholicism, semi-Gnostic influences, “Integral Spirituality”, Eastern spirituality, and beyond.

Over the past few months, I have been engaged in conversations with other potential leaders and members of The Meusio. We are beginning to orchestrate a re-launch of the website and an evolution of the organizational structure. When this work is complete over the coming months and years, I will be one of several Integrally-based ministers and spiritual teachers who will be joining together to support each other in our respective missions in the world.

Stay tuned! There’s more news coming soon about the Meusio, so watch our site and Twitter.

Ongoing Writing and Development of Five Books

If The Meusio offers a platform with which I can find myself supported by (and giving fellowship to) other Integrally-based ministers and teachers, there remains to be announced the specific endeavors on which I will focus my work. My work as an Integral Minister involves a heavy dose of creative writing on this blog as well as in several upcoming books. At this time, I have four books in various states of completion, and a fifth one which is not started. Since I have written about most of them previously on this blog, I will point you to the Books section for more information.

Three of these books are already listed on this site, and the other two will be added shortly. I will also add expected completion dates for them to the post … however, I must say that it is difficult to say when the books will be done. Frankly, I am delayed in my progress by the need for me to have conventional employment concurrent with my writing and everything else happening in my life. Since support from patrons hasn’t emerged yet to allow me to spend more time writing, I’m sorry to say that these books may take several years before seeing the light of day.

Spiritual Outreach to Addicts

So, The Meusio offers a platform for support and my time is largely occupied by writing blogs and books, but there is also a specific focus of my ministry. As a person for whom addictions and avoidancies have been a major problem in my life and who has experienced degrees of recovery, and who maintains an ongoing Integrative Recovery Plan, I will be reaching out to other addicts and avoidants. Part of this work has already manifested as the emergence of a new group that is evolving the concept of the Twelve Step group for today.

You can already get a look at how this online ministry is shaping up at the new blog Twelve Steps Higher. I hope you will take a look and support its development. In “Honesty With Blog Readers”, I wrote:

And I find sobriety too through grace of a spiritual resource greater than myself. Ultimately, it looks like one single Higher Power who I call God or Allah; but ultimately even this isn’t the ultimate. There’s the Higher Power within, as well: the Unique Universal, alive in me, bursting with the potential for Love and Freedom, alive in my 12-step group, and alive in all the Fellowships. God, Allah, Unique Universal: these are just some of the names I can give today for Higher Power. These are good names, but if they aren’t right for you, as you hold your own perspective on spiritual matters, no problem.

More information on my online ministry is coming soon. This is a fertile time with many different stalks rising from the Earth, so expect this page to be updated several times in the coming months. Thank you for your ongoing readership and support, and may your enjoy the blessings of your Higher Power.