Joe Perez: A Short Bio

Worldview Artist. Integral Visionary. Creator of Lingua-U. Translineage Mystic. Poet. Career Guy. Blogger. Whole Writing™ Coach. Author of Soulfully Gay & other books.

I am a Worldview Artist and pioneer in the emerging field of Integral Spirituality. At the age of 33-34 years old, I wrote the groundbreaking chronicle of self-discovery, Soulfully Gay (Integral Books/Shambhala, 2007). In the Foreword, Ken Wilber described my spiritual autobiography as “perhaps the most astonishing, brilliant, and courageous look at the interface between individual belief and cultural values that has been written in our times.”

A beloved touchstone for evolutionary citizens everywhere and a beacon of hope for LGBT persons across the globe, Soulfully Gay is one of the first personal memoirs in the new tradition of Integral Spirituality. The book also introduces a revolutionary interreligious theological anthropology that proffers an original understanding of same-sex love as an important example of the self-immanent principle in spiritual evolution and one of the Two Prime Directions of Love.

In 2010, I earned a Certificate in Integral Leadership from Pacific Integral/LIOS Graduate College of Saybrook University in completion of the program in Generating Transformative Change. For my final project, I developed a prototype of Lingua-U, the unitive metalanguage which brings together wisdom from many of the world’s Sacred Word traditions. I have also completed the STAGES In-Depth training, a new assessment methodology for human development.

An Honors graduate of Harvard University in The Comparative Study of Religion with Philosophy as Allied Field, I wrote my senior thesis on the social ethics of Reinhold Niebuhr and Gustavo Gutierrez. I have also studied religion and the human sciences at The Divinity School at The University of Chicago, where I dived deep into the thought of John Dewey and Emile Durkheim.

More about me …

  • Editor and primary contributor to the new web site, “Integral Spirituality in Real Life”, at
  • In past careers, I was a business writer, technical writer/editor, and an Internet start-up executive. I consulted for companies such as Microsoft, Microsoft Press, and Oracle; at times, I specialized in SDK documentation for mobile wireless applications and systems.
  • Beginning in 2003, I have operated Writing Wolf LLC, a firm which provides creative services to individuals in work/life transitions. The company’s mascot is Wolfie.
  • As a translineage mystic who was raised Roman Catholic, I maintain a deep affinity with all the faiths of the Abrahamic tradition. One might say I’m still very much a “catholic”, with the little c, at least.
  • The former owner of and current occasional contributor to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Spirituality page with an audience of 21K+.
  • In 2004, I founded the Bridge of Light, an LGBT winter holiday which has been continuously celebrated for 14 years. While it hasn’t yet found a large popular uptake, that could come any year now.
  • A former Board Member and Scholar-in-Residence for the Center for Integral Wisdom.
  • My most impactful spiritual and creative practice is Whole Writing™, a self-designed flexible proprioceptive method for writing in an authentic voice.
  • A passionate trekkie and sci-fi/fantasy geek who firmly believes Gene Roddenberry is a modern-day prophet and J.R.R. Tolkien is the most important Catholic intellectual voice of the 20th century.
  • An ailurophile and arctophile, I bring a cat-like independence and formidable bear-like spirit to exploring and inhabiting the Great Mystery.

I am a single, gay-identified bisexual, HIV+ Latino cis man living in Seattle, Washington. For those who pay attention to these sorts of things, I use the “he, him, his” pronouns, but someday when my invented language takes off, it could be “jʊ, jɪ, jeɪ” or “ŋʊ, ŋɪ, ŋeɪ” or “ʍʊ, ʍɪ, ʍeɪ” for me, depending on how I would then view my dominant station of life.

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