A suggestion for Integrative map-makers


Just as a suggestion… when you get the time, down the road, try to correlate each of the nodes of your own integrative map to a letter of the International Phonetic Alphabet. You can even look at my alchemical art (Wheel of Spirit, etc.) if you find it helpful.

I suspect you would discover (or rediscover) many things. One, that concepts need letters for their expression*, and there are a finite number of letters, which tend to cluster concepts and energies to them in ways that are open to empirical linguistic investigations. Two, if a concept is worth including in a map, it’s got letters already attached; concepts without sound symbols probably don’t need to be mapped, do they? What are they? Three, the speech organs are a real symbol — a cosmology, if you will — which contains all these letters in defined relationships to each other.

Ought not our maps about reality mirror the map already provided by human physiology & speech and the sounds available to us with which to form ideas about reality in sound symbols? Are your maps aware of the archetypes in the letters, and their pre-existing relationships to each other?

* Do you think it is a coincidence that “concept” and “consonant” are identical at a subtle energetic level to a remarkable 15 marks of subtle energy in Lingua-U? You cannot have one without the other.

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