A note on the zig zag zig of 3 tiers


Regarding the notion that the third tier does not exist because we have only just begun the second tier as a species and therefore one might expect many twists and turns in the second tier that could account for the so-called third tier phenomena, I would say that the fact that the second tier can be defined is, in itself, almost a compelling proof that the third tier is already present in our midst.

Sometimes a zag needs another zig and then a zag before the zag knew it zigged.

(Or, more eloquently, the Zeus (𝌠), head of the pantheon of pagan deities, needed Allah (𝍖) or Yahweh (𝍖) — via an Avatar (𝌼), Moses (𝌽) or Muhammad (𝌾) — before seeing the Gaia/Goddess or Juno’s (𝌻) face for the first time.)

Perhaps these comments are too cryptic. It is hard to speak of the insights of the Third Tier of consciousness at this point in time. In our day, language has become too decrepit and decadent (even the spiritual terminology). We have forgotten its roots in the person-body and the Spirit-body, and therefore the tree of meaning has grown twisted and cruel. To maintain a living forest, many crooked and deformed trees must be pruned so new saplings can grow.

We are at a time needful of a rectification of sound-meaning to sacredness to semantics. Until this process is further along, it is difficult to speak clearly, so let us prepare ourselves to lose the illusion that we are indeed speaking clearly already. Even our best philosophical formulations today are like a pretty wreath that smells bad.

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