As of today, 9/25/2018, I am resuming light blogging and posting at all my social media avenues. Although I thought that I could avoid it while putting emphasis elsewhere, that just isn’t the case. Each of my social media outlets exists for a reason and those reasons don’t go away just because I feel overwhelmed at times. If you would like to see more of my writings and social media, please volunteer to assist me as an Intern or as a volunteer at the Meusio. With a little help, it gets a lot easier.

As of today, 9/9/2018, I am putting my personal website, FB Page and my personal Twitter account on long-term pause. I want everyone who has followed me to please follow my new websiteFB group “Integral Agape”, new FB Page for Integral Meusio, and Twitter for @integralmeusio. I cannot do it all. This much, I can do. See you on the new media. All the best, Joe Perez, Worldview Artist


Old and New Friends,

As some of you will recall, I have had a variety of approaches to social media since my very first blog posts in 2003. Over the past 15 years, I have worn the hats of spiritual seeker, rebellious spiritual warrior, adventurous Integral cultural critic, mystic with a penchant for Sacred Words, and (most recently) a student and teacher of “Integral Spirituality in Real Life”. Now it’s time for yet another change.

My life is not my own; I have given it over to God. My words are not my own; I listen for what I can say that will help God to reach a new place in the heart of humankind. My social media presence is not my own; I will give it over to the spirit of the Meusio which is coming into formation.

The most important development, naturally, is that I now have a suite of new websites and social media channels to begin cultivating. These are:

I will carry the spirit of Allah in my heart and present my hands as Christ-like hands and my vision as a Christ-like vision. What will happen through my mission of ministry and service is not in my control. Whether the meusio has one member or one hundred or one hundred million is not my concern, it’s Allah’s. But what is in my control is my complete devotion to the ministry to which I have been called.

As a servant of God, how do I manage this doubling of my social media accounts overnight? Do I adapt the old accounts to a new purpose? Do I let the old accounts go to sleep and serve as a record of my past, even as I move on to a new present? I’m not sure. I am feeling my way through it. Some things are clear and other things aren’t.

Here’s what I believe at this time.

  1. My existing blog at and most of my existing social media accounts (Joe Perez – Worldview Artist on Facebook and Joe Perez – Worldview Artist on Twitter and Joe Perez – Worldview Artist on Instagram) will remain largely unchanged. But I will not update them very often as a matter of expediency. I will simply be too busy with my main work as the Grand Muktaihin of the Integral Meusio.
  2. Once in a while, I’ll update the old media. If I do an update now and then mainly for friends and family or to pass along an especially important announcement, then they will continue to serve a valuable function. In the short term, my old accounts (some of which have many followers) can serve to amplify especially interesting or important updates from the Meusio, but this does little to encourage people to migrate to the new accounts, so it isn’t a permanent solution.
  3. I will now focus on the media for the Integral Meusio, and getting it off the ground in a good way. If you want to follow what I’m up to, please add the new Meusio-related social media accounts to your travel destinations. You will not get these updates by following my old accounts. Let’s adapt together to ensure that we stay connected.

Here are some of my Twitter posts from the last 24 hours. If you’re not following the Integral Meusio on Twitter, what are you waiting for?



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