A letter to two of my Facebook acquaintances…


A letter to two of my Facebook acquaintances who travel in “Integral” circles who shall remain anonymous.

//Begin rant//

One of you defines your politics as based on realism, holds that everyone almost always acts purely out of self-interest, leading you to advocate libertarian ideas and (I’m guessing here) seems to have a taste for right-wing nonsense.

The other of you defines your politics as based on spiritual-sounding holism, holds that awakened people must never act with violence or greed, leading you to advocate Jill Stein-style politics and sees left-wing conspiracies everywhere.

Neither of you has a truly integral politics. It’s not that hard really. Integral politics must mature idealism through pragmatism and purify realism through expanded circles of empathy. Maybe if the two of you got together in the same brain you could form an integral politics.

Go back to read the fundamental texts of integral political theory (here’s a link to one of them) before you spread confusion by watering down the Integral politics label of meaning any further than it already has been. #integral #politics #integralpolitics

//End rant//


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