A few changes to my publications schedule … developing story


Some of my previously announced planned articles and publications set for release in late June or July have been postponed. The big one, of course, is the Lingua-U Sutra. Although I have had a draft ready to go for many months, I have decided to wait a bit in order to incorporate a variety of new material that needs more time to develop. Also, I am holding onto my articles on Gafni and Cohen set for publication in The Umpire’s Perch column in early July for an undetermined publication date.

I have realized that by the time these documents are fully ready for publication, the summer will be waning or the autumn waxing. At that point, I could very well be close to launching a couple of new (unannounced) endeavors and I will need to coordinate the best approach for making sure it all comes together well. I’m not ready to say anything more right now except that you can expect a lot of new publications forthcoming from me.

Meanwhile, my Patreon patrons will see at least one exclusive publication from me in July. I’m still deciding what to deliver when, so stay tuned for details when they’re ready to go. There are some other tweaks to my post-2018 publications schedule as well and these are reflected on my website’s Books page.

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